2016 APAF Global Symposium
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Asian Pacific American Forum (APAF) Initiatives

Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers | Pipeline to Asia | ACE | Igniting Minds/STEM | SEED | APA Women | External Connections | Peer Assisted Leadership & Mentoring (PALM)

Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers

Initiatives - SASE Logo

SASE Map GraphicWe are committed to developing and recruiting top talent through collaboration with SASE.

Largest Asian American non-profit organization with over 80 collegiate & professional chapters across the US.

Mission: Prepare Asian heritage scientists and engineers for success in the global business world, celebrate diversity on campuses and in the workplace, provide opportunities for members to make contributions to their local communities

SASE PhotosGE volunteers collaboration with SASE a win-win formula
  • Learn … Practice leadership skills driving initiatives with peers beyond GE
  • Give back to the community … Inspire and mentor collegiate and early career members
  • Help GE … Recruit talent
APAF members engagement opportunities with SASE
  • Join a Professional Chapter: Learn and practice leadership skills in a safe environment, connect with other professionals, crosstrain with other industries and build your connections across the US
  • Join as a National Volunteer: Share your expertise with various committees (National Conference, Leadership, Collegiate, etc.) to help collegiate and young professionals learn about the professional and corporate world
  • Be a GE connection: Engage with local college chapter or alma mater, where you can showcase your presentation skills, mentor college students, advise the chapter leaders and connect them to GE
  • Be a GE recruiter: At the largest APA conference & career fair
Join us today!
For more information contact Faisal Khan or Meng-Ling Hsiao
Visit SASE website www.saseconnect.org

Initiative Leaders
Faisal Khan Photo
Faisal Khan

Meng-Ling Hsiao Photo
Meng-Ling Hsiao

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Pipeline to Asia

Initiatives - Pipeline GraphicMission: Provide knowledge and opportunities for employees in the US to utilize their talents in emerging markets in Asia. Our goal is to develop a pipeline for critical Asia roles that are hard to fill within local talent pools.

Key Focus Areas:
1. Provide information for employees to make informed decisions about careers in Asia
2. Identify specific talent needed across Asia, by country and function
3. Identify pool of US talent interested in these opportunities
4. Provide a platform for US talent to engage with Asia stakeholders leveraging HR processes

Pipeline to Asia Interest ImageWant to learn more?
- Join us on Colab
- Join upcoming national webinar sessions for a deeper understanding of and discussions on this topic
- Look out for an sign-up on an upcoming Survey Central Link if you are interested in getting more info
- Contact any of the team members

Initiative Leader

Kiran Dubey Photo
Kiran Dubey

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ACE: APAF Commercial Excellence

We are committed to developing our members.

Initiatives - ACE LogoACE provides APAs the opportunity to grow their commercial experiences and skills.
      - Expand your commercial skillset.
      - Engage with commercial leaders & customers.
      - Transition to commercial roles.

Initiatives - ACE PhotoACE in action at your local hub...
Atlanta - Commercial Speakers
AMSTC - HBR Case Studies
Chicago - Commercial Panels
Cincinnati - Career Fairs and Networking Events
Dallas - Commercial Excellence Panel
Greenville - ACE Exchange (live commercial projects) and Lunch n’ Learns (Prod Mgmnt 101, KYC Panel, Finance 101)
SoCal - Work Exchange (shadow a leader) and External Speakers

Sign Up
Search “APAF Commercial” on Colab

Initiative Leaders
Pranav Patel Photo
Pranav Patel

Rakesh Sahah Photo
Rakesh Sahay

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Igniting Minds/STEM

We are committed to strengthening our community.

Initiatives - Igniting Minds LogoWith the U.S. falling behind the world in math and science proficiency standings, APAF developed Igniting MindsTM, our tutoring program that impacts hundreds of students each year.

      - Be a role model.
      - Inspire students to pursue STEM careers.
      - Grow student's confidence.
      - Make a difference.

Initiatives - Igniting Minds Photo

Initiative Leaders
 Asha Varghese Photo
Asha Varghese

Siva Vedaghiri Photo
Siva Vedhagiri

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SEED - Social Entrepreneurship, Education & Development

We are committed to strengthening our community.

SEED Initiative Map Image

Initiatives - GE SEED LogoIn partnership with The Resolution Project, committed APAF & GGO employees are sharing their expertise to young social entrepreneurs. As a GE SEED volunteer, you gain experience with businesses operating at microscales get exposure to young entrepreneurs and FastWorks make an important contribution to GE’s commitment to citizenship, globally.
SEED Initiative Info Image
Join us today! For more information, contact Rohan Gulrajani or Joel Jang.

Click here to read about active ventures.

Initiative Leader
Joel Jang Photo
Joel Jang

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APA Women

We are committed to developing our members.

Initiatives - APA Women PhotoThe APA Women initiative focuses specifically on the leadership development of Asian women at GE. As one of the key pillars of APAF's commitment to its members, we identify the unique traits and challenges that Asian and Asian American women face in the workplace, and provide resources for professional and personal advancement.

      - Build your network and support group.
      - Gain a sponsor.
      - Grow leadership skills.

Initiative Leaders
Partia Patel Photo
Parita Patel

Shilpa Banerjee Photo
Shilpa Banerjee

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External Connections

We are committed to growing GE’s brand and connections to the world.

Initiatives - External Connections PhotoWe seek to build relationships and partnerships with organizations that share our mission to move Asian Pacific Islanders and ethnic diversity forward.

Initiative Leaders
Farah Borges Photo
Farah Borges

Sameer Gaur Photo
Sameer Gaur

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Peer Assisted Leadership & Mentoring (PALM)

PALM GraphicMission: Develop leaders of tomorrow through a program designed to learn, develop, share and mentor.

Key Focus Areas:
  • PALM (Peer Assisted Leadership & Mentoring) is an innovative leadership program designed and managed by APAF to help high potential APA members to learn, share and grow as leaders.
  • A structured, self-learning, group-oriented program that leverages peer assistance, targeted development, learning about leadership traits and mentoring practices.
  • A case based learning program to discuss Harvard Business Reviews, Industry examples and internalize leadership aligned to GE Beliefs. This leads to systematic learning of leadership behaviors from peers.
  • Provides excellent opportunity for networking with site leaders and will give high performing individuals to grow into next opportunities on site.
Want to learn more?
- Join us on Yammer (http://sc.ge.com/*palm)
- Contact any of the initiative/Active leaders

Initiative Leaders
Shravan Devulapalli	 Photo
Shravan Devulapalli

Raman Arora Photo
Raman Arora

Active Leaders
- Venugopal Pochhareddy
- Sanjay John
- Zameer Ahmed
- Sirisha Marla

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